multiple issues after Portum theme upgrade

My website is having many issues after latest upgrade to Portum Version: 1.0.6 as below, can someone please suggest any solutions?

  1. Contact page is having layout issues, the form integrated into this page is all left aligned however all is OK when page is being seen on Mobile, the issue is with the desktop site only, page URL is

  2. In the website footer, I used to have my company information which I had put but after the upgrade footer is showing this " Theme by: Macho Themes. All rights reserved © 2019."

  3. Layout has messed up for almost every page of website, especially on desktop site, site address is

Everything was perfect before the theme upgrade and this is causing lot of issues and resulting in very poor user experience


I hope you are doing well today.

Before we start here, please go to Dashboard > Updates and install all pending updates available because the website does not seem to load properly and adding new CSS may cause more issues down the line.

Also, contact your hosting provider and have them update your PHP version to version 7.0 or higher.

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Thanks for the response. I did upgrade all plugins but the issue still persists.
Also note that the PHP version is already 7.2


Thanks for the update.

  1. You can use the following CSS code to increase the size of the form and remove the footer by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Increase form size*/
.col-sm-1 {
    width: 100%;

/*Remove the footer*/
div#footer-bottom-widget-area-1 {
    display: none;

  1. Can you share an image of how the site appears on the front page as it seems fine on my end?

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can you please provide me your email address, because when i post a reply here it doesnt let me saying its a spam


I am sorry but we do not have an email available for distribution.

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Thank you so very much
The Contact Us page is fixed now, at least!


What other issues are still prevalent?

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I want to post more issues but for some reason, every time my reply is not posted with error “*** Forbidden. Message seems to be spam. ***”

since it does not let me post so I am attaching a document here now

hello there, did you get a chance to look into those other I mentioned in document attached earlier?

hey there

Any reason to use word documentation? and just for 2 questions?:

Few other issues are as below:

  1. the google map section on this page is showing differently than how its showing on though I checked and settings are same. I see exact same problem on this page too:

  2. the code you provided has removed the footer completely but actually I wanted to keep the footer but it should have my own details i want and should not impact the overall layout still

had to use word doc because my posts here were getting rejected - " “*** Forbidden. Message seems to be spam. ***”"

Good evening

Sorry, missed your ticket this morning i wanted to reply to your questions

  1. they are built differently? i see building blocks are differently used, make sure you have everything same, you can also try to delete damaged layout and built that section from 0
  2. please enable footer again and let me know what exactly you want to leave :slight_smile:

the site is now having more issues, its a complete mess, please check any page and you will see

I had to put the site in maintenance mode so you will now not see anything but this needs to be fixed ASAP

below is what all was seen on all page of website when it started having issues

Notice: Undefined index: portfolio_image_show_description in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/template-parts/frontpage/portfolio-section.php on line 35

Notice: Undefined index: portfolio_row_title_align in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/template-parts/frontpage/portfolio-section.php on line 79

Notice: Undefined index: portfolio_row_title_align in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/template-parts/frontpage/portfolio-section.php on line 79

Notice: Undefined index: portfolio_row_title_align in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/template-parts/frontpage/portfolio-section.php on line 88

Notice: Undefined index: item_style in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/template-parts/frontpage/portfolio-section.php on line 103

Notice: Undefined index: item_style in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/template-parts/frontpage/portfolio-section.php on line 104

Notice: Undefined index: portfolio_background_type in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/inc/helpers/class-portum-helper.php on line 732

Notice: Undefined index: portfolio_title_misc_font_color in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/inc/libraries/epsilon-framework/classes/output/class-epsilon-section-styling.php on line 91

Notice: Undefined index: portfolio_text_misc_font_color in /home/content/n3pewpnaspod01_data01/99/42334999/html/wp-content/themes/portum/inc/libraries/epsilon-framework/classes/output/class-epsilon-section-styling.php on line 91


I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

The site seems to be using a maintenance page so I cannot see the site. Could you use this plugin to provide a temporary login for us:

Please use the private reply toggle for that message.

Best Regards,

please see my last message, i pasted what all site pages were showing

plugin is installed

Hey there

errors - these are only notifications, most probably you have debugger enabled in the wp-config.php so please set it to false and check again
secondly, plugin installation is the first steps, you have to share a link to use for investigation