Multiple Jumbotron sections? Custom section titles?


I tried attempting to find information about this, but no luck - so figure I’d ask.

Is it possible to setup multiple jumbotron sections on the frontpage? I get this isn’t in the customizer section, and that it likely requires some custom coding - just wondering how possible this might be given the template’s current setup.

Also, what’s the capability for renaming sections? I don’t intend to use them to relate to what their current names are, and was wondering how simple it could be for me to rename them for my own clarity’s sake.

Thanks for your help!

Hello @tmeekes,

Can you please provide some more details about what you want to achieve?

I cannot tell exactly what you mean by multiple jumbotron sections, are you reffering to a slider instead of a single picture options?

Also, the section title can be changed in Apperances > Customize, are you looking to change the anchor name or just the display title of it.

Please provide a couple of screenshots and I’ll do my best to guide you around, if possible.


Hi Ion,

Thanks for your quick reply! I’ll try and explain myself better (referencing the attached photos).

I would like to reproduce the “bottom-header” - see Illdy1.png - (which seems to be called the Jumbotron section) multiple times, simultaneously after eachother - in the same fashion that you show the other sections. I like the styling you use, and would like to present information in multiple sections identically. I would like to enter the page information in subsequent “Jumbotron Section” options in the customizer (see Illdy2.png). They don’t exist, but I’m wondering if I can somehow code them in to add repeats.

The existing sections (Illdy3.png) could work for me, except for two issues - 1, they seem to use predetermined ‘section types’ (what I will call them for lack of better word), which I can’t change. Also, I understand that I can rename the section titles in the option settings, but I would also like to rename them in this list (again, circled in Illdy3.png), so that they have titles in the customizer relevant to the content I’m putting in them.

I understand this is well outside of the support you would likely provide, as there is likely custom coding to do here, but I was just attempting to see if I could get pointed in the right direction about what’s possible - and maybe I was missing something that could already be done.

Let me know if that helps explain things any better.

Thank you!

Hello @tmeekes,

I’m sorry but I cannot even guide you or point to the files that could handle this kind of modifications, it’s just to much custom work and not only for the homepage display, but you need to handle the administration information and many others.

If you are considering any kind of dedicated premium paid support services please add me on Skype (Ion Rutz) and I’ll do my best to give you an idea of what it would take to achieve the layout you are looking for.

Kind regards