Multiple submenu levels for Sparkling theme and - right sidebar layout

Hey guys,

So I’m using the Sparkling theme and I’m having two difficulties when configuring it :frowning:

1- I have a submenu in my main menu, however it does not show up when I activate this submenu main menu on the home screen. How do I get this submenu appear on my main menu? Follow two prints of the menus:

2- The sidebar on the homepage is appearing on the left. How to change the sidebar to the right, as is the demo?

Thanking you in advance :smiley:

  1. This theme doesn’t support multiple submenu levels. However, there is a workaround that you can find here.

  2. You can change layout settings via Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main >> Website Layout Options. Choose “Right Sidebar” and save changes. Since “Right Sidebar” is default option for this theme it means that you have already changed this setting before.

Let me know if this helps.

It’s all right now :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help and for the great theme.

Hi Aigars, I saw somewhere in the forum you pointed out that these sub menu changes have been incorporated in the github version of the Sparkling theme.

But I just download the theme and replaced it for my blog, but I’m still not able to get the sub-menu menu working :frowning:

Do I need to go with this workaround with this theme as well?
Here is the link I used to download the latest theme zip file

Please advice.


3rd level menu support is not by default on theme. On that thread I said that I have made necessary changes, so you can redeclare menu via Child Theme to add 3rd level menu support. Right now we have no plans to add it on theme by default because Bootstrap doesn’t support it. In case Bootstrap will start supporting 3rd level menu we will also make sure that this theme supports it too.