My margins/ centering dont seem to be working?

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Just a quick one. last few days…looks like my alot of my text that I had ‘centered’ on the webpage … now wants to be centered LEFT even tho it says centered in the editor.

I have, with the help of this forum!, changed/ added some Custom CSS and additional CSS (To change menu text size)…so whether ive mucked up something there?

any thoughts?


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mm, I always need a link to the page/post of the problem, so, please don’t forget to add it :slight_smile:


here is link for page in picture:

but it is all thru the website if you have a looksy?


i cant seem to post a link? it says:

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hows that? thankyou :slight_smile:


Ok, I see, but you can fix this from the page editor, it’s not about the theme style or setting, you need to utilize WordPress text editor to make text adjustments there is nothing from the theme or custom CSS that will fix it

ah thanks. but in the page editor…i have the text on ‘middle’ alignment…even on right alignment…the text stays left??? something is up?! :slight_smile:

There must be a text editor and options for text alignment,
you can also use this method to allign text by inline css:

<p style="text-align: left;">
your text here

thanks for reply!

OK - I tried adding it through the custom and additional css (from customise menu)…but didnt seem to work alas. maybe do i need to add it as a plugin? i changed it to:

<p style=“text-align: middle;”>
your text here

p.s! hope your well.

it seems like i cant change the colors of the text aswell anymore as the alignment from left. weird. in the editor (in backend) both the alignment and the colors change…but it doesnt transfer to the published website? its all happened I think since we added the new code in the custom css and additional css to change the menu text size…so I removed all code temporarily…and it didnt seem to fix it?

I also get this error above the CSS etc

  • Markup is not allowed in CSS.

any ideas?


ok! so…i transferred the text to the classic editor and the alignment & color now works. seems lie the ‘heading’ plugin is playing up! i recently updated the php version and a coiuple thiings…so mayb that mucked it up??


Nice to hear,
Not sure about Heading plugin, if you deactivate it text setup works normally then its a heading plugin :slight_smile:

yeah - i just use classic editor & other plugins instead. still heading was simpler…ah well :slight_smile:


Ok, I will close this case for now :slight_smile: