My old pages/posts breaks when using latest Wordpress 5.02 (Gutenberg)


what’s going on with the new Wordpress as it spoils my old posts / pages if I go and edit them. Like if I just add one sentence into the old post and save changes, the whole post/page gets way shorter and lots of stuff gets cut out. So it’s a mess and I have to go and restore previous revision. Even if in the revision mode everything looks intact. But after saving the post gets cut short. I also installed the official old editor plug in, but no help, everything happens similarly with it.

Is Sparkling really compatible with the latest Wordpress?

Here you can see in the attached image how the sentence breaks down and lots of images and text is being cut off, if compared to the article on the site before any changes: SAS Healing Centre, Puducherry - Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy in India

The sentence should say “arrived to Puducherry” and not “suppositories” which is a word from a sentence much further down of the article.

Hey there

Im not sure if this is a theme related problem, can you please activate one of default WordPress theme and test the same problem?

Hi, thank you for the reply. I tried it with one of the default themes and it came up with the same error. So what’s the problem? Where to turn to, what to do? Wordpress developers? I haven’t found anyone complaining of the same problem or I did not know of which keywords to search. I think this must be very common problem.

Hello Kauno

Best place to discuss this when its not theme related problem is support page :slight_smile: