My RSS feed redirects?!


I’ve been scratching my head for days now, getting totally psycho. I’m trying to access my RSS feed but FF loads for a while and then says it can’t load cause too many redirects (loop).

I’ve been searching in the forums, dozens of google pages and what I think, tried everything!

I discovered it last week that I couldn’t access my feed at

Been trying to disable all plugins, change the .htacess permissions and resaved the permalinks…just a few of my tries. Seriously, what is wrong? I’m a WP noob so everything that has to do with coding is a bit tricky for me.

I recently discovered that if I got back to WP’s original theme the feed started to work again. So I changed back to the Travelify theme and problem got back, no feed. Seriously, what is wrong and what can I do?!


I found out the problem… since I discovered it was theme-related. I saw that there was a redirect placed under the RSS URL settings to the same URL as the actual feed, which caused an infinite loop. Thank god it’s solved!