My site is broken - please help - appearance customise not working

The customise panel on my website has gone and been replaced by unformatted text.
I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see what I see, but it appears to be the wrong file.

This, below, is what I see, except that when copied and pasted into this window it is given formatting. Please help. I’m stuck. This creates my front page so for me it is urgent.

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Hey there

Your website on the frontend is appearing just fine, is this problem resolved?
can I check the backend? please provide access details and i will check it, from the image it appears like CSS files are not loading, so if you can please check if all files (Theme, wordpress, plugins) are on the server and they have proper file permissions

Hey Noda,
I would love it if you could check it.
How can I give you secure access on this public forum?
The site looks right but I need to access the appearance customiser because there are broken links in there.
Many thanks,

Hey Noda,
Hold everything! For some reason the missing section has returned. There was a wordpress update a couple of days ago and maybe that fixed it, but it seems to be working now thank God. I’ll be back quick smart if I need more help. In the meantime you can chillax and enjoy a cuppa lol.
Thanks very much.
Best regards,

Hello Jenni

Ok, let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

Actually Noda, Now that you’ve asked…
I’ve embedded an ISSUU version of our magazine on one page but I cannot make it big enough. On the front page of the website, the magazine appears as it should. On the ‘current issue’ page it is squashed.

For bounce mitigation I want to put an image on the front page that links to the digital magazine on the ‘current issue’ page but I have to fix the size limitation of the display first.

see -

It looks right at first but when you turn the first page the magazine reduced in size, whereas on the front page of the site it works properly. see -

A million thanks in advance for your upcoming guru advice.

hey there

Ok, Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.page-id-544 .markup-format iframe {
max-width: 150%;
width: 150% !important;
.page-id-544 .col-sm-offset-2 {
margin-left: 0px;

Colorlib Support Team

You Rippa!
It works beautifully.
A thousand thanks Noda! I’d like to store you in the cupboard for whenever I need magic done.

Have a blissful day,


Thank you Jenni for beautiful words :slight_smile:

I’m always here, so, if you need any help just come back again

Have a great day