Navbar options - Form field (sign in), search, justify, fixed, affix

The bootstrap navbar offers a number of options which I’d like to be able to use with the Unite theme version.

  • Form field - such as sign in or perhaps sign-up for newsletter - and action
  • Search/input - search field which you would need to set the corresponding action


  • fixed-top - fixes the menu to the top of the page - will need some extra padding if signed in as administrator perhaps
  • affix - able to place the menu under the header then scroll up and the menu affixes to the top of the page
  • justify - can justify the navbar items so that they spread out occupying space according to the text/characters
  • navbar-right - I believe this will make the associated float right as opposed to left if the menu is not centered or justified.

Do you have tutorials explaining how to make these work? I looked through Wordpress menu administration and don’t see any smart options, not even a way to add a Search.

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We currently don’t have tutorials for these options, these options are in the theme however they were not all usedin the creation of the theme.

The form options can be implemented with the use of a plugin such as Ninja Forms and the styling options would require the elements to have new classes added to them.
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