Navigation bar not display properly on ipad mini with WooCommerce

hi dazzling,
first of all thank you for making this amazing theme, i like it very much.
secondly,i hope you can help me to solve this problem: there’s some bugs on navigation bar, at certain screen size,the ‘cart items’ button will drop to second line.and when i rollover the ‘cart items’ hover effect will overlap the whole navigation bar,non of the menu button can be clicked except the ‘cart item’ button.
please check the attached for the detail of the bugs.
or you can try to resize the demo page of dazzling:

thank you!


Thank you for reporting it!

I have since fixed it and you can see updated version on Github.

Let me know if you find anything else that need some improvements.

Thank you for helping to improve this theme!

Hi aigars,
Thanks for the amendments,appreciate it and thank you so much !

Speak of the improvement, I found 1 but not a major one: try zoom in and then zoom out again on your smart phone device,there is gap on the right side of shopping cart page. I believe this is caused by woocommerce plugin which is nothing to do with dazzling theme, but maybe I’m wrong, appreciate if u can through the attached screen shot files.


It looks like some Android/WooCommerce specific issue as it is working fine on my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 plus. Even when using Chrome as web browser.

Will see if I can get my hands on some Android device for testing but this doesn’t not look like a big deal at all.

Thank you!

it’s a small gap on dazzling demo site but it has a huge gap on mine website. but still,not a major problem,like u said not a big deal at all… thank you for your time, have a nice day :wink: