Navigation Dropdown Titles


how can I create a link for the Title of a dropdown menu so that it goes to a page rather than defaults to the homepage when it is clicked on (rather than hovered over)?

For example, let’s imagine one of my navigation titles is ‘About’ which then has dropdown of different pages:

> Our Story
> Our Philosophy
> Meet the Team

At the moment, when I actually click the ‘About’ (i.e. rather than hover over it) it defaults to the homepage url. I have tried working how to change the url but haven’t found a way.

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I hope you are doing well today.

In order to change the url for a menu item you need to go to Appearance > Menus and edit the menu you are using then select the menu item and you can change the url for the item there.

Let me know if you need more help.

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I found a way to do it. Thank you!


I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions