Navigation error between article pages

good morning
I updated the latest version of merge on January 22, 2020
These errors were found:
on the single page of articles I move back and forth
but the name does not appear
it remains written
<% title% title>
Alego Image
Thank you

Hi there

Such thing is not happening on the live test site, I cant investigate your problem without seeing a website, can you please put it online for testing?

you say that the error that I reported to you is not displayed
I found out what the error is in the tempalte-tag.php file from line 53 to 60 replaced with the following code

so it works on the test site
I put the site online where I have not yet corrected and it does not work Atom editor di testo per la programmazione – siti internet – portali – ecommerce at the bottom of the page it remains written <%title %title >

Thank you

HI there

Sorry about that, I was not able to discover this problem before, looks like this is a valid problem and I just submitted bug report here: Post navigation in single post · Issue #47 · puikinsh/Unite-Theme · GitHub
Developers will take a look and they will fix this problem in the upcoming release

I think you had problem in syntax of the code _ I had this problem and check the code it was problem in syntax

Thanks I hope I have been helpful

Hi there

Thank you guys for participating :slight_smile: