Navigation is not working on Supsites!

Hi there,
This is very important.
All the components are the newest on the site!
Have you an idea?
Back to the site from clicking the logo works but not the navigation area!

I have this individual link!
But when i am for example are on the first product page. (hypnose) (my backlink)

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Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I am not clear on what exactly the issue is. Is it the case that the links are not working?

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»Is it the case that the links are not working?«

Yes! From all subsites! Blog, product site …
Test the link. You will see it.
Thanks a lot!

No Idea? Never heard about this problem?

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Hello there,

Sorry for the late reply.

I have been looking into the issue and the links are only working on the main page as they should. Do you have another domain with /wpa/ assigned to it?

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Hmmm. Its just the subfolder where i installed wordpress. (…/wpa)
The menue has this individual link. But the menuelink just for about, projects … changes on sublevel pages like the blog etc …
You never heard about this problem?
All the Best Matthias

Ok. Have it.