navwalker.php - now to make top level menu item clickable

Not really a bug or anything, but I wanted the top level menu item to be click-able.

in example …


  • red
  • white
  • blush

wines would go to the wine page
red, white, and blush would go to an anchor on the wines page.

I had to do some finagling to the style and navwalker.php file.

which brings me to how do i get the navwalker.php file into my child directory and have it work?

It doesn’t work when just putting it into the main child director, nor does it work by creating an ‘inc’ directory and putting it in there, as it is in the main theme directory.

Please can you explain how you fixed this - I would love to be able to disable the default href="#" for a top level drop down menu item, and have the top level item go to the top level page.

I appreciate this is part of the navwalker functionality - but surely it would be sensible to have this optional?

As for adding to a child them, that would be V useful too.

Many thanks,

I’d like to see this in the child theme as well. The fix in navwalker.php is easy to find in this forum, but I haven’t seen a solution for a child theme. (Using Sparkling)