Need Help Changing font for Navigation Bar

Hi all!

I need help with my website in changing the font type of the Navigation bar/Menu/Drop down menu from the current font to “georgia”

I have done a lot of reading and tried various suggestions from previous posting but haven’t seen the results. Please help

Thank you


First of all I would like to start with some offtopic. Replace your frontpage image with this one:

The same quality but 1/5 of the size, so it will load much faster.

Another thing it your logo that has background which is different from your website background, so I just remoeved it from your logo
I didn’t have original image, so it it not perfectly clean but it better that the current one for sure.

And we are now back to the main point. Add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.navbar-default .navbar-nav {
font-family: Georgia;

Thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely try them out to see if it works better as I’m sure it does. The custom CSS you gave me, do I have to do your suggestions first to see the changes for the navigation bar? I entered the coding as is and didn’t see any changes. It’s such a pain because I can see the results everywhere else on the website except for the navigation bar.

Then try it like this:

.navbar-nav li {
    font-family: georgia;

I will no longer offer free support for you because you have removed a link back to my website.

??? What do you mean? What link? I don’t want to be disrespectful at all, I really do appreciate all the help. I’m totally new to how these forums work so tell me how to make it right because I have no idea if this will work either.

Your website footer has powered by WordPress but it should state Unite Theme powered by WordPress

You can feel free to remove this information from website footer according to this theme licence but as this is the only way to say thank me for all the effort I have put into to develop this theme. While it is fine that you have removed it, I am not obligated to provide any support because it is more than charity, it is free work that is not valued in any way.

I completely understand. It is not my site as I’m helping a friend out because she’s not computer savvy. I didn’t know that was the original footer as she did the initial build. Anyways, thank you for the help when you did give it, it’s definitely not charity for the time and effort you gave me.

That’s OK.

At least I see that finally my give code is working fine.

Since you have changed font for content as well, maybe the better option is to change it for entire body elements as there will still be some sections where Georgia font will be replaced with default theme font.

Thank you for the coding, it worked perfectly. Yes, I should change everything to Georgia but I don’t know where how to end up doing that. It’s no biggie since the main thing was the Navbar for my friend. Again, thanks for the help and I will definitely try the re-imaged files you have above.