need help copying styles.css from version 1.4.3 to latest version

Hi, I have recently decided to create a new website. In the past, I have used your Travelify theme, version 1.4.3 and I did all kinds of modifications through the theme editor. More specifically, the styles.css. I expected to be able to copy the contents of that old version’s styles.css to the latest version on my new website. However, when I update the file, nothing happens. I’ve noticed that since version 1.4.3 a lot of customization options have been added (this is great, btw!). However, I have a feeling that the new customizable features are overriding my styles.css. Can you please explain to me how to get my styles.css, taken from version 1.4.3, to take effect on the latest Travelify version?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Those CSS customizations may have been deprecated in the latest version of the theme, and that would explain why they don’t work. Sorry to say but you’ll probably have to go back and make those changes for this version again.

A great way to do this could be to use the SiteOrigin CSS plugin. It’s a pretty amazing plugin, and you could get a lot done with it.

Check it out here: SiteOrigin CSS – WordPress plugin |
Here’s a walkthrough: SiteOrigin CSS Plugin Changes Everything - YouTube

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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