Need help with Fushe Shopify bugs and quickfixes!


Im using the Fushe shopify theme on the site: and i need to some help with the site.

  1. i need to make the header logo bigger (like twice the size) on both mobile and desktop. I have read many support tickets on this, but no solution works for me, need help!

  2. the cart i buggy. if i add an item to the cart, i cant open the cart as i get the error message “cart is empty” even though there is a number on it. If i update the site, it works. How do i fix so that i dont need to update the site?

  3. How do i connect my instagram to the instagram section? i can see a token code in there. do i use that one? or do i need to generate a new one?

Please get back to me asap, looking forward to response!


Hey there

  1. You can use this css code to change logo size:

.logo img {
max-height: 121px;
2. This problem is already reported, we are waiting for the fix from the developer
3. Yes, you have to use your token in this case to see your posts

hi guys

I hope you can help me

Here is my link to my website

I am wanting to know 3 things

1.Can you provide me with a code for putting the main pictures in ad banner together - like attachment , as I am unable to see this options and have all the picutres the same size - (the pictures in there are just place holders )
2. Is there a way that the SHOP button on the ad banner - the background colour of red/orange - can this be changed as its not in sync with my websites theme.
3. Lastly I would like just some simple titles like " New this week " on the main page - i dont need to use a big banner or anything like that is this possible?

Many thanks for looking at this for me