Need help with header menu and footer


First of all thanks for this great theme, I have following questions:

1- How can I change the way header menu displays links like this website:, though I have created this demo site before I learn the ropes of this theme, demo site:

2- How can I include more links in the footer and make it more customized to my needs like the footer of this page:

Thanks in advance,

Ankit Yadav

  1. Adding three columns into the menu is much more difficult than it might sound. For my clients website I always use which offers much more flexibility to WordPress Menu Manager. However, some code tweaks might be required for theme to support it.

  2. First of all you can use footer widgets to add content in footer area. Furthermore you might want to attach any other details below. Here are a small example to get an idea how theme works.

add_action( 'travelify_footer', 'more_footer_info', 25 );
 * Adds more detail to footer section
function more_footer_info() {
	echo '<div id="footer-info">Any info goes here</div>;

This code can be used via Child Theme functions.php