Need some help for display


Thanks for this nice theme. I have some problems to find some things in the theme. I have used the videos to help me to customize it but I still don’t find anything.
The only thing I didn’t import from the theme is the blog content because my blog is still working since 2011 and didn’t want to loose everything. I have imported all the widgets and install all the recommanded plugins.

  1. For the frontpage slider, I have a problem with the display. When I put my images there is a big white space under it. When I delete it and add the default image of the theme, I have the same problem. I have found several posts about it in the forum but didn’t find my solution. All my plugins are updated and the sizes of my images are 1600 x 545.

  2. When I click on my blog, I see my posts but they are shown as full, not in summary. I don’t see the “read more” button. I’ve looked in the reading settings and the summary is checked. I don’t find the solution about it.

  3. Is it possible to change the colors of the blog into custom ?

  4. Where can I find the recommended sizes for all the images on my blog (blog post, full product, thumbnail product, …) ? I would like to optimize it.

For the moment my website is not available, only in maintenance mode.

Thanks by advance

Nobody to help me ? I can’t go further for the moment.

Good morning

  1. i need to see the page, please provide url
  2. you must utilize read more tag of the Wordpress
  3. Custom color can be changed only by custom css, we can help you with basic color changes but heavy customization is not supported :frowning:
  4. there is no such information like recommended image size on site, you can use your images, basic understanding on which image is better is necessary

p.s. we are usually not working on weekends


Thanks for all your answers.

  1. Here is the link of my website but it’s offline for the moment so that my customers can’t see it before everything is ok. Can you tell me when you go to it so I can activate it for you.

For the read more tag, I can’t find it. How can I do this, that it looks like the demo, with a button ?

Good evening

  1. well, im online now :slight_smile:
  2. check this linke: How to Properly Use the More Tag in WordPress

Hello, are you available now ?

My timezone is GMT+1.

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Im available for now, please note this is not a chatting system you have to leave your message here and i will answer them at least 2 times in a day