Nested Menus

I have a nested menu of categories. For example, the top level is Travel. Then I have Australia and US as Country sub menu items. Then I have states and cities under each country. I have stubbed these out all correctly in the Appearance > Menus page in Wordpress however the menu in the Travelify theme displays the following is not displaying correctly.

It displays the countries fine. And under each Country I can see the States which is fine, However it tries to display all the sub options for all the states at once. For example I have ‘California’ {LA, SF} and ‘Arizona’ {PHX, TUS} and it attempts to show both city locations at the same time.

How can I get the menu to only show the city locations of the active State menu?


I should note that the menu structure works fine, unlimited level of nesting, working correctly when using the standard 2013 theme

I am aware of netest menu problem when there is more than 2 submenus. I will try to fix this in the next theme version.

awesome. is that due anytime soon?

I am very busy with my 9to5 job, so can’t work as much as I would like on this project. Nevertheless, I hope to get it fixed within 2-3 weeks.

This is not going to be just bug-fix release but I will update theme functionality as well.

Sweet… Awesome theme mate. Look forward to it.