New pages' template/s connected to Shapely front page?

As I have been building my WP website using the Shapely seem as my front page, I have just discovered from Hostinger that per domain/website I can only use ONE theme!! I don’t know if this is so with all other hosting services, but apparently with mine it is.

So, the whole point of using WordPress, is to be able to make a website without having to learn code. So my initial thought was to use Shapely as a front page, and then if this theme does not have pre-made templates for other pages (does it?), then I would use different pre-made themes/templates for all other pages (other than the front one).

Though Shapely clearly states itself to being a one-page theme, the fact that it has buttons on it which can take the user to new pages, by implication this means that new pages will have to be made to create this website. E.g. a button on a section of the front page (like a “See More” button), Will take you to a new page which will expand on this section’s topic.

Do you have any ideas/tips on how we can make new pages using shapely as the front page (but NOT by building these other – connected – pages from scratch; instead, by having a head-start by using a pre-made theme/template?

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@noun I hope you are doing well.

“Do you have any ideas/tips on how we can make new pages using shapely as the front page (but NOT by building these other – connected – pages from scratch; instead, by having a head-start by using a pre-made theme/template?” - In Shapely theme, only the front page can use frontpage widgets. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to create a new page and utilize those widgets. However, you can create other pages using Gutenberg or any other page builder.


Thank you for your reply. I think I’ve understood. I can use Shapely for the front page then, but the next pages can only be made via a page builder (Gutenberg, Elementor etc) from scratch. But, in this case, I can’t use these page builders to further customize the Shapely front page because you can’t modify it further with them. pff :frowning:

Three questions please:

  1. If the above is correct, and if you have these themes available, can you please tell me how to browse your site for (paid AND free) themes that offer templates for the front page and for more pages after that? You know, so I get results only for themes that have more than the front page? The point is to have ready-made templates for all pages so I don’t have to start designing them all from scratch (I would like them to have parallax effects like Shapely does BTW, and hopefully ones that also have sliding clickable image thumbnails)

  2. Though it may get to be kind of monotonous, please tell me whether it would be possible to make these following pages for my site by also using Shapely for them (but prob by only using a couple of blocks/sections from the theme.


  1. I noticed something weird happening when I tried to delete a block from the theme as I’m building the page… When I delete it, it doesn’t seem to “want” to delete the entire block with everything in it…

To explain, please look at this URL: In it you will see that Block #6 has the text/title “Natural White Garden Illumination” with a relevant photo in the background. Block #7 is a copy of #6 with the same “Natural White Garden Illumination” text, but without a photo to go with it. Then, Block #8 has the “Colorful Garden illumination” text and a different photo (relevant to this service category.

Now what I want to do is to delete Block #7 (which is a copy of #6 and is positioned between #6 and #8) so that it’s gone completely; and then what was Block #8 would now become “#7” and, after doing this, I would end up with #6 (“Natural White Garden Illumination”), and right after it the block that says “Colorful Garden Illumination”, now in position #7, with the same photo, text and button that it had while it was in position #8. It should simply happen just like that since I just deleted the block that was in position #7 (which didn’t have a photo) and supposedly EVERYTHING should just be gone and out of the way. But it just doesn’t happen like that! What happens, instead, is that the Text and the Button from Block #8 moves to the Block #7 position; but its photo gets “left behind” and remains at the Block #8 position… And that also skrews everything up for all the following blocks too since ALL the photos of ALL the blocks get left behind in their previous block positions after the deletion of that one block… :frowning: :frowning:

Is there a different way of deleting a block so that it, along with ALL its content, just goes away and everything else just stays where and how it was?

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kind reminder for you to check my 3 questions out! :pray:

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@noun I just wanted to mention that the way support works is a bit different. We’re getting a lot of general questions, many of which seem to stem from not having a deep understanding of web development. But no worries, I’ll do my best to help out!

  1. “can you please tell me how to browse your site for (paid AND free) themes that offer templates for the front page and for more pages after that?” - We only have free WordPress themes and HTML templates. Not sure how I can help you browse through them.

  2. we already said that this is not possible,

  3. I’m a bit confused by this question. Could you please simplify it for me? I’m trying to understand what’s going on or not going on. The website seems fine to me, but it would be helpful if you could make it clearer which block is #6 or #7, I’m having trouble figuring out which section we’re referring to.

Wishing you a good day :slight_smile:


I am not sure what you mean about not understanding how support works and about me asking “general questions“.

I don’t see a chat support on your site where I can ask questions regarding the themes you provide, and for someone to guide me to the right one that I need. Paid or not. If what I need is to buy a theme to do what I need to do, then who is going to point out the right one for me to buy?

Maybe I am asking my questions in the wrong area of your “colorlibsupport” to get support, and this is why this is taking so long. If there is somewhere else, I should be writing instead please let me know where that is.

Is the fact that I am writing in an area regarding a free theme the reason it is difficult to get complete and clear answers? Meaning, if I purchase a theme, will I be able to ask questions and get immediate and full replies on them? That would be good to know because it feels like my questions are not very welcome and I am getting short, half-answers which only makes me ask more questions so I can understand. I have no problem buying a paid one as long as I can get support and guidance on how to make my site using it. The point is for me to build my site on my own and not pay someone to do it for me.

I am answering your question on #3:

  1. OK, can you please tell me if you have themes that have, apart from the front page, templates for the next pages as well? So, not a one-page theme like Shapely is. And, if you do, How do I know which ones they are? Is this mentioned in the theme’s description somewhere? I have clicked on 3–4 of your themes and all I have seen is a front page.

As you can tell, I need a WP theme that has premade templates (which I can then fully customize myself) for the front page, and also for the next pages. So that I don’t have to design everything from scratch using builders. I just need to finish with this thing already because it’s already taken way too much time.

  1. OK, your answer had said that I can’t use widgets on other pages using this theme (not that I can’t actually use the same theme again to create new pages after the first). *By “widgets“ I have understood that they are the different “buttons” in the different section/blocks of the page. But anyway, my question has been answered now. Thank you.

  2. Maybe I’m not using the term “block” correctly. What I mean by it is “section”.

So, “section 6” is the 6th section (“block”?) on my front page while you’re scrolling down. It’s the one that has the title “natural white garden illumination”, and has the corresponding background photo on it.

Section 7 is the next section after #6. It is just a copy of section 6. It has the same text/title as #6 (“natural white garden illumination“) but does not have a photo in the background.

Section 8 is the one that has the title “colorful garden illumination“, and has a photo that shows what the title suggests.

Now, what I have been trying to do, I suppose should be very, very simple. But it isn’t. I deleted section 7 (the one with no photo on it, which also has the title “natural white garden illumination“), and what makes sense that should happen after deleting this section is that all this section disappears, and section 8 (“colorful garden illumination“) should snap back into position 7 so that it follows section 6.

But that does not happen for some reason. What happens is that the Text and the Button from section #8 moves to the section #7 position; but its photo gets “left behind” and remains at the section #8 position… And that also skrews everything up for all the following sections too since ALL the photos of ALL the sections get left behind in their previous section positions after the deletion of that one section.

Is this a glitch in the Shapely theme, or does this happen with all your themes? Or is this how themes behave in WordPress generally? Or am I not “deleting” the section correctly so that it just goes away with everything in it?

Doesn’t seem like I can upload attach a video here, so download it from here and you can see the glitch that you’re Shapely theme has.

Please let me know if you have a fix on its way for this problem, or if you have a workaround for us in the meanwhile.

Hello Kynect Gov@noun,

Creating a cohesive website with Shapely as the front page and additional pages that maintain a consistent design is definitely possible, even though Shapely is primarily a one-page theme.

Shapely supports most free and premium WordPress plugins, including page builder plugins like Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder. These plugins allow you to create custom layouts for your additional pages using a drag-and-drop interface, which means you don’t need to write any code.
Shapely comes with several homepage widgets that can be used to add portfolio, testimonials, parallax sections, and more. You can use these widgets to create new pages with similar elements to maintain design consistency.
Consider creating a child theme based on Shapely. This allows you to safely make changes and add new templates without affecting the main theme. You can then create custom page templates within your child theme for your additional pages.
To keep the design consistent across all pages, use the same color schemes, fonts, and design elements that are present in the Shapely theme.
While Shapely doesn’t come with pre-made templates for other pages, you can use the aforementioned page builder plugins to access their library of pre-made templates, which you can then customize to fit the Shapely aesthetic.
Utilize the WordPress Customizer, which Shapely supports, to tweak sections and customize elements like the footer, colors, and hero images.
If you still wish to use different themes for different pages, there is a workaround with a plugin called “Multiple Themes” that allows you to set different themes for specific pages or posts.
Remember, while it’s true that only one WordPress theme can be active at a time on a domain, these methods allow you to extend the functionality and design of Shapely to additional pages without needing to switch themes.

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Kynect Gov