New post is not showing

Hi there!

My website is
If the administrator is trying to publish a post, it is not showing on any other device. If I login as super admin I do see the post, so it is posted. How can we fix this issue?

Many thanks!


HI Barbara

Sorry, but I can’t check it without logging in to the backend, can you please send them to me in a private reply?



I am not sure what to send you. But here are two images. One screenshot from my computer screen (where. I am logged in) and one from my phone. Taken a minute after on another.

You can see on my computer what the most recent post is supposed to be.

Do you think this is a problem in the backend?

Would. a plugin like Performance Cache cause the problem? or solve it?

Many thanks!

(Image from phone)


Yes, I see it on the screenshot… can you please deactivate any caching plugins? caching may cause issues like thiss