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Hey guys,
I really like your Activello Theme and have it in use since last year. Never had any issues with widgets or other stuff. Recently I was changing the details in the CleverReach Newsletter Integration (by Hannes Etzelstorfer). This plugin is having a widget which I was adding to my sidebar. Since changing a bit in there (new optin group, etc) I see the opt-in field on every page, except the home-page. I haven´t done any coding, any changes on the theme or plugin code or what so ever.

Do you have any clue or what so ever that I get it working properly, again?


Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

Please provide me with the URL to your website so I investigate the issue.

Best Regards,

Hey guys,
I am doing great today, thanks for asking. Hope you too.
And thanks for replying that fast. The url is
I was editing some stuff yesterday and somehow the opt-in widget appeared also on the home-page. As for now, I have no clue about the solution and what the problem was, but everything is fine and working properly.

Keep on and thanks for your support.


Awesome great to see everything is working fine for you now.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!