Newspaper x doesn't show blogs on desktop

Hi there, hope you can help me out. We are rebuilding our website with newspaper X. But strangely on desktop the blogs don’t show. I’ve checked all plugins, I removed everything with Installatron, but still the same. On mobile it does work, but not on desktop. I can’t remove the searchbar in that section either. Could you please help me out with this one? I love the theme and layout, but like this, I can’t work with it properly.

Many thanks, Mike.

Hi Mike

You may use this css code ot hide search field:

.top-header {
display: none;

Blog - I can clearly see blog on your website, its on the homepage right now: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!

But do I have to full this in: You may use this css code ot hide search field:

.top-header {
display: none;

And I added some plugins for WooCommerce yesterday, but now the homepage doesn’t show the blogs again… Do you have any solution for me when it comes to that? Or is that solved when I remove the searchbar (not the one in the top menu, but the one in the sidebar) ?

Thanks again for your help and I hope to hear from you!

Here’s a link to the homepage:


Code can be added in the appearancd > customize > additionall css box

Well, I still see the same screen when viewing your site,
Link you provided above is blank and generates 404 error page