Newspaper-X-problem with links on mobile phone

Hi Noda,

this is Bernd from Bavaria, Germany.

I‘m the responsible admin for, our sportsclub website. We use Newspaper-X-Theme and are very satisfied with it - thanks a lot for that marvellous theme!

One question: Which reason can it have that links to other websites (like at „Gastro → auf diesen Button“) or filling out our responding formula (like at „Kontakt“) work with a PC, but not when using a mobile phone?

You would do me (and our members) a great favour answering (and solving) my questions!

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I have used newspaper x theme for my blogging website. It is working properly on desktop or laptop but blogs are not opening on mobile.

Please can you help me out why this so.

Thank you,

Hi @rishi02 please start your own ticket and I will check your problem


Hi @Monni

So, if I clearly get your questions, menu links (Gastro, Kontact) are not working on mobile devices? is this your problem?


Yes - exactly that is my/our problem. Thank you for an idea how we could solve it!
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Hi Monni

Just tried it with android phone and it worked for me without a problem, please provide more information about the device you are using to test it

Hi Noda,

thanks for answering. I think I have to clarify something essential: I didn’t mean the menu bar on the top which is not “clickable” - everything is fine there. What I mean is the content directly on that pages “Kontakt” and “Gastro”. The fields “Name”, “Vorname”, “Meine E-Mail-Adresse”, “Meine Nachricht” as well as the Button “Hier schicken Sie Ihre Nachricht ab” are not completable on mobile phones so that our members are not able to contact us (BTW: I use an iPhone 8 Plus, but this is not the matter, I think). On page “Gastro” I have linked the laurel wreath and the Button “auf diesen Button”, but clicking on it works both only on my Mac (or other PC), and unfortunately not on mobile phones.

I very politely ask you for your support, Noda!

Best regards,

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Hi Bern

Thanks, now its a different thing, and I have a solution for you, please add this CSS code in the Appearance > Customize > Additionall CSS:

#secondary {
display: contents;

and let me know if it worked :slight_smile:

Hi Noda,

very much thanks for your marvellous support - it works!

Please, could you do me a last great favour to complete this item? I used Kali Forms for producing our contact form (under „Kontakt“). When I fill out the areas in that form and finally click on „Hier schicken Sie Ihre Nachricht ab!“ (Here you send your message): Where at Kali Forms do I make the setting for the e-mail-address where these form is sent to? I couldn’t find it in the past, so enquiries are landing “in nirvana” at the moment. Am I blind? Or don’t you have any experience with the form creator Kali Forms?

Like written above: You would do me a last great favour if you could help me once again!!!

Very best regards from Germany,


PS: And, thanks a lot once again for providing the css-code and solving my previous two problems, Noda!!!

Thank you for your kind words Bernd :slight_smile:
Please take a look here, it’s their documentation, everything can be set up from one window:


I used this theme a month ago, i used as a blogging website, It works fantastic and SEO optimized Theme. Reinstall your theme. Maybe it will work fine then.

Thanks for your input @Reclinerreview

I will mark this case as resolved since author dd not replied back