Next and previous page in specific pages


I would like to know how to put next and previous page after I clicked in the word cloud or breadcrumb.

for instance, I look at the word cloud and I choose to click on one specefic word so this leads me to another page where we can read only list about this specific word.
this is in this page I would like to get previous and next page.

See an example in my site :

but I don’t want this appear in my pages or posts or front page.


Basically you want a different sidebar for different page/posts/categories, am I right? You can get this done by using WooSidebars plugin.

I would like that the words or the option “next and previous page” appears only in Tag/word cloud pages
that way visitors can see all the list of my post including the chosen word/tag.

here is an example of what I would like :

This example is not my web site but you can see at the end of the page in blue and black the number of pages for the chosen categorie (Mieux dormir).

that I would like, in fact pagination just in those pages.

I guess you want it to appear just like on my theme demo:

Use WP-PageNavi – WordPress plugin | plugin for that and adjust how many post you want to display on page by going to WordPress dashbord - Settings - Reading

That’s what I was looking for, thanks for your help