Ninja Form (Normal Html Checkbox input) not displaying in chrome,


i cant display any check boxes in chrome! the forms works fine on IE and FF!

Is there a solution? I using ninja form. I also tried creating my own forms using <form> and <input> tags. Still to no avil!


Hello @filmo,

Can you please add this custom CSS code inside Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css or directly on your FTP server and let me know if it fixed the issue?


It did the trick on my side, so it should work fine.

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I have exact problem like archdevil86. I put code from post Colorlib in my CSS but this is nothing change. In Chrome check boxes are displayed very small and every check box is another size but every is small. Do you know how fix that issue?

Hi @jupek,

Can you show us the URL of your website that contains this Checkbox, so that we can check and updates you with the correct code.

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I found fix on my own hand - problem is to match text in label Checkbox. I put in label only text like “I agree” and rest what is agree text put in html box under checkbox. Problem is when is to match text in label on checkbox then chrome make field to make cross small similarly to number of characters.


Glad you sorted out. :slight_smile: Thanks for the solution, so that others can benefit from this. :slight_smile:

Let us know If you have any other questions.


Could you please describe me the steps how you did this? I’m facing the same issue here…
Thanks in advance,

Maybe this screens give you some help :

@noda I’m a noob and am experiencing the same issue. I can find the style.css, but I don’t know where in the sheet to paste the code that you posted. I also was unable to determine how the other user fixed his issue based on his screenshots. Thanks.

hi @tomxtr

Can you describe your problem little bit? several questions was discussed here in this ticket and im not sure what exactly is your problem, so 1-2 word about your problem and url of the page will make this clear :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the confusion. I am experiencing the issue with the tiny, barely visible checkbox in the chrome browser. Thanks.

Can i see your website @tomxtr ?
please provide url as well

@noda thanks for your willingness to assist. I can’t share the URL because I am modifying the site offline and the URL is still pointed at a different host. I have attached 2 screenshots taken using the Chrome browser.

Hey there

Thank you for this info,
Im afraid website url is necessary to provide fix for this problem, to generate css fix i must see your website where the actual problem is :frowning: when you plan to upload your website or publish it?