No answer from support regarding license

hello, I’ve bought a lifetime license and i get no answer from your support even tho the license includes a lifetime support. please contact me back i have some urgent questions

Hi there

This is the first time I see your ticket here, may I know what are your questions?
please post them here



You’re right - we did not purchase a template from Colorlib, we’ve purchased ArchitectUI from DashboardPack.
You’re not obliged to help us in any way…but we were hoping to use your counsel given that you are the proud creator of A-UI!
also the media links in dashboard pack refer to your site.

We’ve accidentally purchased a license for ArchitectUI-HTML, while we should have purchased ArchitectUI-React. We’ve tried to approach DashboardPack/ArchitectUi support, no success. Going to their Facebook/Twitter we see many complaints about the company being a scam…

It boils down to 3 questions:
Is it in your power to somehow switch our HTML version with the React one? we can show you the receipt if need be (350$…lifetime license)
Are you still maintaining ArchitectUI? should we expect 0 support from now on? (honesty is what we’re looking for here please! we do not want to endorse a template we’ll get no support for)
If the answer is “No” for both #1 and #2…is there any template/creator you would recommend for us to check out? we’re looking for a strong community, long term support above all else.

Thank you so much for getting back to us and hoping to hear from you again soon!

Hello @Timofei
DP is not the same thing as Colorlib but I have notified the team at DP and they have changed your license. You should be able to download React version from your account.

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thank you very very much for the help, much appreciated.
and regarding architectUI/DP support, it seems like they are not responsive at all (even through the slack channel/ official mail) is the company still actively supporting the architectUI template ? if not is there any alternative to get help with future issues ? the license does include a lifetime support so what does this support include and how do i get it ?


@Timofei best thing in this case is to contact directly to the site where you purchased the item, they can better answer on this on any other questions of yours