No colour in Service icons

When I first set up the Service widgets I set a colour for each the three icons. Somehow, at some point, these colours have gone and the icons are grey. (I have checked on a few different devices.)Since noticing this, I have tried a number of times to re-set the colours and, although it all seems to be happening on the customizer side bar nothing changes on the site.
COLOURS: should be yellow, orange and red
Any ideas?
Many thanks, Barbara

Hello Barbara,

It looks like you are using an old version of the theme, so please head over to the FTP server, make a backup of the files and replace the old files with the new ones:

As the services colors works fine on my behalf, I suspect this will fix the issue.

Have a great day!

Many thanks, the upgrade has restored the colours. I should mention that I needed to install WP’s “easy theme and plug in upgrade” plug in. That allowed me to do the upgrade via: appearance>themes>add new. Barbara