"No comments yet" not translated


I am using the Activello theme in 2 languages (English and German) and have translated everything, but a couple of words stay in English even in my German version:

  • No comments yet
  • Search (search bar)
  • Comment (within the comment box)
  • Post reply (comment button)

These sections are translated in my .po and .mo files so I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

I couldn’t find any solutions on this forum that work for me. Could you please help?

Thanks in advance,

Hello there,

When translating some of the text may not get translated but you can fix that by using the following plugin to translate the words directly:

Best Regards,


Thanks for your reply, however this solution doesn’t seem to work for me: if I translate the words using this plugin, it translates them for all languages!
However I need to have a different text for each language.