No content after update to latest theme version

I lost my webpages with the last update!!

What you mean by “lost website”? Your date should be still there.
Any customization made to this theme inside the code are lost because WordPress overwrites all the files despite the fact that only few were changed.

To avoid this in future you can setup Child Theme ( and modify it from there. Then you will be able to update theme to latest version without losing any customizations.

I am planing to support this theme for foreseeable future so updates are inevitable.

I think it may be a problem with the cache plugin I’m using, I had had a similar problem in the past, it’s extrain because I can not see the area of web site content (header only) ( )

Whn I open your website I can see all the content but it shows blank Twenty Twelve theme.
For website caching I recommend to use W3 Total Cache. It is very nice plugin and it provides an easy way to clean cache when needed.

I remember your website. You had several columns at the bottom at the front page. All these things should be still there after update as columns were powered by plugin.

Something messed up your theme but it seems that it wasn’t theme fault.

I delete the cache plugin and the problem persist, I download a old version of Travelify, and I lost some configurations, but show the text, when I upload the last version of Travelify the content is lost again, is really extrain, I think if the updates are going to be problematic should have an option to export the theme settings and then re-import after the update

Right now your website looks nice on Chrome and Safari for Mac. What browser you are using?
Website content can’t be lost due to update. This theme doesn’t modify anything inside database. It adds some extra things like links to social networks but that’s about it. Nothing to do with images, content, pages etc.

The latest updated included support for WooCommerce plugin and I didn’t change anything else in the code.

I am not sure what causes problem but this has nothing to do with this or any other WordPress theme.

And to be 100% sure you can always export information using built-in WordPress exporter that you can find at Tools → Export. However, database backup is more efficient way to save data. You can do it via your hosting control panel

I have uploaded the code with the last version theme in this link,
for if you could take a look, thanks

I was reviewing and is a problem with the “layout” when I select “no sidebar” or “fullwidth sidebar” content is lost

Sorry for my inconvenience.

Thanks for reporting bug with full-width and no-sidebar. It will be fixed in the next version. I finally understood what is going on but I have no idea why it was working for me when you said it’s not working for your. Now it is broken and I can finally see it. :slight_smile:

Your content is not lost it is just hidden. All structure and everything is still there. Stay tuned for update. It will fix this issue.

Sorry again for my inconvenience.
I will upload updated theme on ASAP.

It should be available as automated download via WordPress dashboard later today.
Sorry again for my inconvenience.

There is no reason to apologize, it’s a very beautiful theme with many features and the get you free support is much appreciated, really I am happy because you found the problem, thanks for the solution (sorry for my english)