No content on front page only featured slider

This is a great theme. Thank you for making. I do not want posts to show on the home page. Only the slider. Under Home Page Post Options – I select Disable and save, however I am still getting “No Posts Found” on the Home Page. How can I remove that and still keep the home page slider?

This is how theme is built but you can modify it.

Find content “content-extensions.php” file located in theme folder → library → structure.
In this file look for line 167. That says

< ?php _e( 'No Posts Found.', 'travelify' ); ?>
and replace it with

< ?php _e( '', 'travelify' ); ?>
Removing this message entirely will break the theme structure, so only remove “No Posts Found.”

Please note that this line of code is repeated 7 times in this file but you need to edit line 167. But it won’t cause any problem if you edit them all.

That worked beautifully. Thank you!