No front page sections in the front page like demo front page

In the front page, there are no front page sections such as pie chart section, recent work sections,team sections, contact sections like the demo front page. My front page just shows the header image, two posts and a footer. I have cleared cache, deactivated other plugins, and have set a static page.

continuing from the first message(topic). I have also downloaded demo content, did all recommended actions, and downloaded all recommended plugins.

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Make sure all necessary plugins is installed and activated :wink:
if you still have the problem come back with the admin details and i will check it
Colorlib Support Team

Hey, I’m having the same issue, and I installed the plugins as you recommended. Could you advise what would be the next step to troubleshoot the issue?

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First of all, please open new ticket and i will help you :slight_smile: