No images in the Pinbin front page? How to fix that?


Thank you for your theme! It’s look really really nice! :slight_smile:

I have small misunderstanding.

When I post the message with type “Image” I get “blank note” on the main page. Look here:
On this page you can see two posts with “nothing:
What I need to do to see the picture? or you can fix this situation by upate the Pinbin theme?
Please help me with this thing.

P.S.If I want use the “miniature” instead picture posted the message than crossposting in LiveJournal will not work correct and persons will not see the picture from miniature.

Images are not show in the front page if you haven’t set “Featured Image” for each and every post.
To make this process automated you can use plugin like:
This will take your first image from post and will set it as featured image. There are other plugins that does just that if you are not satisfied with this one.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with LiveJournal since I have never used it.

Let me know if I answered your question.

Thank for advise. I will use this plugin. I think evrithing will be ok now!