No images on Iphones in the Videograph template

I have a licence for the Videograph template site. The images are not displayed on the iPhone. Is it possible to adjust the style.css? Page Thank you.

Hi there

Can you share a screenshot?
Its a plain HTML template, I was not able to replicate your problem


Hello, here is a screenshot with Android.

And here is a screenshot with an iPhone. Where it does not work.


You are using black, blank images: that’s why you cant see them,

The problem is not the hero image, I made it black. The pictures in the portfoliosection. These are not displayed on the iPhone. As you can see in the video.

I have found the problem. Use the automatic text replacement of Notepad++ on whole directories very carefully. So I overwrote a text field in the JPEG files. This caused the error of not displaying on the iPhone. I changed it back and the display of the pictures worked again. So sorry for my stupidity. Thanks anyway.

Ok, thanks for sharing your solution :slight_smile: