No more images in Tyche slider

Hello there!
Everything is updated on my website (Cosmosmusic) but no more images in the slider, just the arrows on each side. I’ve changed all the slider images to be at the good and same width and height without any effet… Any idea to help me? Thanks for consideration,

Hi there

You can use this css code to fix the problem:

.owl-carousel.owl-drag .owl-item {
    min-height: 500px;

Add it in Appearance > Customize > Additonall css

Thanks for answering. Your css code fix the height of the slider. That’s ok.
But there is still no images as you can see on this screen capture. (Left side on Firefox, right side on Edge where the slider isn’t there…)

After using the css code you’ve indicated, I have removed all the slider backgrounds, then upload them again. (All the slider pics are 1600x545px.) Still no images…
Then I have deactivated all the plugins. I reactivated “Kirki Customizer Framework” first. Then “Woocommerce”, then the other plugins… At each step, no change…
I did also install and activate all the recommanded plugins. Nothing new.
Things seem to come from Tyche. Unless I did something wrong…
Please, let me know and propose some option.

Hi there

Sorry about that, I just reported this problem as a bug here: Slider images lost · Issue #75 · ColorlibHQ/tyche · GitHub
Our developer will fix it as soon as possible

Hello, hope you’re well!
Thanks for answering. As far as I can see, I’m not the only one to have this problem.
Keep waiting for the developer fixing…
Thank you!


Yes, you are not the only one :slight_smile:
Hope this will be resolved soon

No news for a long time (13 days) about the problem with Tyche slider (no pics appearing).
Hope you’re still working on it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for the delay, the problem is reported but unfortunately I cant say when it will be fixed


Thanks for answering, even if the news is not so good…
Hope you’ll bring a solution soon,

Thank you for understanding

Sorry to ask it one more time, but it is a month I asked about a problem with Tyche slider…
If you can’t fix it, please provide me another solution to place a slider and an information bar below…
It’s disappointing cos’ Tyche is a real good template!
Best regards,


I’m sorry, I understand you, however I cant do anything in this case, developer must take a look and fix it :frowning:

No more news from the developer? That takes time… :roll_eyes:


Sorry… so far nothing :frowning:

I have the same problem with the images, they disapear, I try to restore and old security copy of the database inside wordpress (when I restore theme files it doesn’t work) and it works!! But when I try to update the images of slide, only enter on personalize screen, all the images in the slide disapear again. Is impossible to touch or edit anything. SHOP - ruth2mSHOP

If is useful for fixing it, the error is localized in database (I’ve not been able to locate the exact point) not in theme file. Something is not working there.

İs the problem still unsolved?

Still unsolved…
I’ve had to create a new upper bar and a smart slider to replace the Tyche slider.
But it’s more tedious, and it lasts for 2 months…

Hi there

Sorry for the inconvenience
Problem is reported but yet it is not resolved ((

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I have the same problem since March, can we have any help soon?