No response from support team for a Template purchased

Dear COLORLIB team,

I’ve trying to get a response from your services since 20th May 2022 in vain. I am embarrassed and lost for word: I’ve recommended your website to a client for a project. He purchased a template only to find out that there’s no php file available for contact forms.
I sent an email to [email protected] an I haven’t received any response to this day.

Please assist.

Hi there

I’m afraid there is no such PHP files in the templates, you need to develop such files yourself


Hi there,
You website says :

“Last but not least, working contact form and Google Maps are also part of the deal.” see screenshot for your perusal

Kindly refer to Invoice number: #COLORLIB10291 please email correct files to client (email address will be in that invoice number for security purposes.)

I’m sorry for misunderstood, contact form is included but not the processor file, its a separate PHP file and usually its not included in templates

Hi there,
I purchase most of your website templates and this is the first time I come across an issue like this where the processor file is not provided.
Kindly provide one for this specific template or advise way forward.
Thank you.

Hi there

Yes, some of the files contain those forms and some of them no, actually it’s easy to implement, check this out:


I must admit this is the crapiest service I’ve ever received…Just picture this:
I’ve been purchasing most of my website templates from your services and none of them so far has ever given me this problem. The reason for choosing your site is because it’s saves time having to encode all those forms from scratch etc.
There I go praising your services to a client with ZERO knowledge of programming for a personal project they have. Due to lack of time all they needed is an easy solution to implement.
I convinced them to purchase a template from your website and HERE WE ARE with a lengthy and useless problem.

Bottom line: NO CLIENT cannot implement your solution. They have NO IDEA on how to go about it.
Me I have NO TIME to waste on issues like this. I was acting as a middle man.

Unfortunately this is where you lose any business or recommendation from people like me.

I strongly suggest you review your business model because you will lose important customers like this.

I will recommend future customers to look somewhere else.

This matter is closed. No need to respond. Thank you for nothing.

Hi there

I’m sorry for such a bad experience but I really can’t get why you are threatening us like that? some of our templates contain contact form processing PHP files and some of them don’t