No social menu on front page

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I just installed the theme and I’ve not seen the social menu on my front page. Where can I find it, please? Was I missing something, like a recommended plugin?
This is my site
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And also, how can I edit the body section of the front page? There are some edit buttons on the header, but there’s none in the body section (product/service , main message, etc.).

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In order to edit the menu go to Appearance > Menu >Edit Menu and select the social menu and add the social media links to that menu.

For Blaskan, it does not have widgets like our other themes so you need to have posts available for it to populate but you can use the following plugin to add more customization option for the pages:

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Hello I am using the Illdy Theme. When I activate it goes to the older format i can not get it to go to the newer one I deactivated all my plugins and activated all the ones it tells me to and still nothing happens. I made sure Wordpress was up to date and it still never does anything. I’ve deactivated it and re-activated it and it always comes back to the same page. It always gives me the coffee cup theme when im trying to get the one where it says “Clean.Slick.Pixel Perfect”

@jmatthewf36 does not clearly understand your question, what do you mean by " it goes to the older format" ?
please include link to your website