No text on front page in new install
It’s just blank, have been messing around with it for ages trying to install and uninstall plugins, doing recommended actions etc. Then you come here and the help forums don’t even tell you how to fix the problem when you can’t actually contact colorlib to resolve a problem
You go to the trouble to find and install a theme and then this. #*(&king annoying all round.

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In relation to your query here, your site seems to be under maintenance mode hence we are not in a position to have a preview of the current look. However, I would suggest that you check out the documentation here (Pixova Lite - Colorlib) on how to go about utilizing the theme as well as importing the demo.

I hope this helps.
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Sorry about that, fixed.
Have looked at documentation; you’re supposed to activate default content, but no such thing in my version. Have nuked the original install from wordpress and reinstalled from download, still same problem.
Screenshot attached; as you can see only one arrow. Definitely no default text or way apparently of adding any in.

You have to make a change in the text box where the default text is so the prompt to publish comes up, and when you publish the change the text appears on screen. Unusual bug.

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In this case, could you kindly provide us with temporary admin access to your WordPress Dashboard so that we can have a closer look into this.

You may create a new administrator user within your WordPress Dashboard using your email address. You may then copy the login credentials to us in your reply.

I look forward to your reply.
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