no tooltip for WordPress reservation plugin using Sparkling for real estate website

I am using a reservation system and sparkling as theme. Using this theme there is some stange behaviour using tooltip (next/previous month: see attachment). I changed theme to radiate pro and everything works fine. The problem with Sparkling occurs on iPad and on Windows 8.1 PC.

Unfortunately, screenshots aren’t helping as I can only see that something is not working but I can’t inspect what code overrides default styling for this plugin.

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User: elly
Password: Rojales44

In menu go to “Reserveren” then “Gastenkamer 1”. You will see a calendar. Top right you can do “Next” or “Previous” but tooltip wiil not show. Using different theme it will. Same with top left. In the calendar they use “sprite.png” and i do suspect that this is not handled correctly in Sparkling.

Hope you can help and solve my problem.

Regards, Piet Rietveld