Non clickable Google adsense ads also non clickable links inside article and Category on mobile device

Please help me :sob: :sob:

My website adsense ads links are not clickable :sob::sob:. Most of the ads link non clickable. Please help me to find the solution.

All links inside the article are not clickable :sob:. The same problem in the category pages, the First 2 posts of the category page are clickable But after the 2 posts, all category post links are not clickable.

All problems facing on Mobile Device.

Article links for check: all but meaning in Bengali?

Category links for check: Words meaning

Also, tags are not clickable on the mobile device.

What should I do? I try to find the solution from all the available topics but can’t able to find the exact solution.

If anyone knows the solution, please provide me the instruction.
Advance Thanks

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Guys I just found the solution to all of these problems.

##Just Adding following to CSS:

@media (max-width: 450px) {
#secondary {clear: both;}

hi there

I just verified and they are all working :), thank you for sharing the solution

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