Non-clickable links in the mobile version

Hello, I have a annoying problem on my website. The links at the bottom of the website are not clickable, either in the Blog section, or within the articles.

My website:

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Hm, i just checked them and all the link ins the footer and in the bottom part of your website and all the links are working normally for me, I can’t see any problems with the link, can you tell me more? how and where exactly i can replicate your problem?

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Thanks for listening.

When I access my website through the Google Chrome Mobile browser (version 75.0.3770.101), with my Moto E4+ smartphone (Android 7.1.1); Some articles in the url:, for example, are not reachable by touch. In fact, only the first article is accessible. Links within these articles are also not clickable, both for external websites, and for articles on the website itself.

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Ok, now i get it, please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

#secondary {
display: contents;

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Good news!

Apparently everything is working as it should. I inserted the code in the appropriate section, saved it, and finally I deleted the cache so I could visualize the result.

Conclusion: When accessing my website through my smartphone, links that were not previously clickable are currently clickable.

Many thanks for your help and attention.

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I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions