Non-clickable links inside category

Inside the category only the first two articles are clicked, for the third and further the link does not work.
This is only in the mobile version of the portrait mode, in the horizontal everything is ok.
Is it possible to fix it somehow?

p.s. In the demo version the same

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Sorry, but can’t find the exact place you are having this problem :frowning: could you provide a direct link to the page?

Hi. I have the same problem.
If you look in a small browser window (e.g. 500px width) in the “editorial section”, you can see that the all of content after third entry (“Itum as binus…”) and below do not clickable and not selectable down to the the search form.
I have attached a screenshot, the area I’m talking about is highlighted in red.
Thank you.

hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.newspaper-x-blog-sidebar .widget_search {
display: inline-block;

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for the quick response!
Unfortunately it did not help me. I cleaned the cache, turned off third-party plugins.
But I noticed that it stops clicking after the template is reduced to a size when the 728x90 banner is hidden, and it stops working after it. Maybe the problem is in the banner? I wanted to turn it off, but did not find where. In the theme settings “Enable banner on archives” does not remove it.

I found what the problem was!
Everything becomes good when you clean the checkbox “position: relative;” in the inspector in the style of “newspaper-x-image-banner”.
Please advise how it is better to fix on the site?

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Same can happen with search widget :slight_smile:
can we mark this question as a resolved?

But I still do not understand how to change it on the site, only in the inspector. Tell me, please, how.
By the way, i tried to remove the search widget, but this did not solve the problem.

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If this code still not working come back with the url of your website:

.newspaper-x-blog-sidebar .widget_search {