None of the demo features appear in the customization panel

Wordpress engineers think there is a bug with the theme.
I can’t seem to view or access any of thefeatures that show up in the demo.
I have already tried resetting once.
please help thanks!

even the the recommended actions section does not seem to work.
installation failed for illdy companion and kaliforms.

import demo content button also doesn’t work

this is what i see on the customization panel.

This appears to be a bug with the theme. I see those recommended plugins are installed and activated here:

Yet, the theme thinks those plugins are not installed.

Hi there

Please send me your admin details privately here and I will check your problem

hi, i couldnt send you a personal message so i sent a mail to your freelance work email. please let me know if you have opened it!

Hi there

Sorry, but I dont have any mails, please send a private message here,

Hi there, the counter widget doesn’t seem to be working.
The numbers I entered don’t seem to appear on the site

Hi there

I cant see them on your website, are they not added? let me know where to check them

sure, i just sent you a personal message, please check your inbox. Thank you for this!!

You have my reply, please check