Now images appears on front page only text for Pinbin theme?

I have a problem with it.
images are not displayed when I publish, I just show the text.
to that is? my wordpress fault with me. always htaccess and do not know how to fix it, for that reason I do not use.
I await your response, thank you very much in advance.

Have you set featured images for each post?
Images displayed on front page are ones set as featured images when you publish your posts. For more information Pinbin Theme Instructions - Colorlib
Let me know if this is the case.

I do not get covered with outstanding images.
what I do is create a post (a new entry), and I add an image to this post.
I figured that was the way to make the image appear.
or please explain as I could do to put pictures as excel?, or I could give an example please?
thank you very much in advance.

Images inside posts are fine too and should appear where you put them using “Add Media”.

For images that appear on front page and on the top of each post you should use “Featured Image”. Inside “Add New Post” page you will find widget called “Featured Image”. Should be somewhere on the right side.

You will see a tiny “Set Featured Image”. There you will be able to upload new images or use existing ones.

Then you just need to update your article by clicking “Update”.
Let me know if this helps.