Numerous multilingual sections in parallax homepage vs using multilingual plugin

I am designing a 2 language home page which already has 6 parallax sections and 1 contact section for English. There are 4 images of 200k each.

I have a choice of adding another 6 parallax sections and another contact section for the second language to the same home page. The number of sections will then be 14. Is there big increase in overhead when I double the number of sections?

My alternative is to have 2 separate homepages (of 7 sections each) and use a multilingual plug-in.

Which alternative solution do you think is the best as far as maintainability and device overhead?

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Sorry but im not sure if this question is theme related, i think you have to decide which one is better for you, you can try different methods, then compare them and choose better one,
Colorlib Support Team