Oficial Refund Request

I found an easier service to implement the work I needed to do. I found your product lacking on clarity and is rather complex for me to use while some of the dependencies were outdated. Please I hereby claim the refund within the time frame given oemphasized textf 15 days.

Purchase was made on 9th February . Order#COLORLIB9313

I would highly appreciate a fast resolution, as a student my economy is terribly affected.

Thank you for your kind service, I expect news soon.

Hi there

Please file the refund request here on this page:

Unfortunately I cant handle refund requests


HI there,

I too requested a refund yesterday (June 1st, 2022) but i did not receive a confirmation email as it said i should have. I requested a partial refund because the clarity was lacking on how to utilize the software and i ended up not able to use it entirely. That said i desired only a partial refund because i want to honor the developers work since i downloaded the individual template “salvation”. So i wanted a refund of $330.00 minus the $19.00 single plan that would have given me the download for that one template. Also my membership can be changed from the lifetime to the individual for that particular theme. I am requesting the partial refund before the 15 day cutoff.

My order number is
Invoice number: #COLORLIB10859
Payment date: May 27, 2022

Please let me know if i should send another request through the “contact us” page or if you indeed have the refund request on file could you send me a confirmation?

Thank you for your kind service and expedience on the matter in advance!

@colorlibsupport URGENT:

Dear Team,
it is absolutely mandatory, to have a service which is available for the refunds. Unfortunately you don’t answer theme support-related questions, which is necessary for getting a refund.

I would like to get another contact where I can receive my money back asap. You need to have other options, where people can really reach your company otherwise it seems very intransparent.

Thank you, I expect news soon.