Old school Blaskan update?


I’m a photographer and I’ve been using an old version of Blaskan forever (maybe since 2011) and I love the simplicity and solidity of it. You can check it out here…


I have a little problem though, my service provider keep updating stuff and the theme doesn’t want to cooperate. Once they update whatever it is that they update I still get the theme, but with a huge paragraph of code where my photos should be.

They said it was my theme and that… “You will want to look into getting this upgraded, this version of PHP goes EOL this year and will not receive any further support or security updates.”

I use a child theme and maybe that is the problem, but I’m a total non-computer guy, so I guess my question is, is there anything that you guys can do/tell me about how I can keep my site looking like it does without risking security issues?



Hi Dan

Your website looks awesome and photos are even more awesome :slight_smile:

well, yes, update is kind of necessary in today’s world, so, we have to follow them somehow, so, let’s focus on how to update,
there is a couple of safe ways, and in this case you can use plugins to create backup of your website, then you will do update and check if everything went properly, backup can be created plugin like updraftplus or it can be created even from the hosting account, (i suggest you use both) we can also use something like staging plugin to test how update will behave, WP STAGING – Backup Duplicator & Migration – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
anyway, some technical skills are welcome here