OneTech Menu Issue Mobiles

Hi There

I am really hopeing somebody can assist me :slight_smile:

I have downloaded the OneTech Template and am just having a look at it, and have noticed that when testing it in responsive mode (by resizing the browser very small) - the site changes the menus to mobile menus. The right hand menu, brings up the search bar and sub menus.

When you add a URL to the sub menus, like this

						<ul class="page_menu_nav">
							<li class="page_menu_item has-children">
								<a href="#">Home<i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i></a>
								<ul class="page_menu_selection">
									<li><a href="">Google<i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i></a></li>

You cannot click on the link called Google.

The items that do not have children do work but the menus that expand, when you click on the child links the child menu just closes again and the link isn’t followed.

If you right click the link you can open in new tab, and hovering the mouse allows you to see the destination URL, but if you click the browser doesn’t go there and the child menu just auto closes.

You can see it on the demo on this colorlib site as well, as the links are just # signs when you click them it should add a # to the URL but doesn’t.

It’s weird that I can’t find any fix to it on this forum as the template is 3 years old now.

Can anybody help me or even set me off in the right direction?

Much appreciated


Hi Nick

Let me see it, please provide url of the page

Hey, Good Morning :slight_smile:

Resize the browser so it goes into mobile view

Click the Menu Drop Down on the right

Click Test menu

Click Go Here

Go Here links to but I cannot follow the URL

What happens is the menu just closes but the URL is never opened.

You can right click on the URL and open in new tab

I’m testing it on Windows 10 with Chrome and IE 11

I’ve also done the same on Windows server 2012 with both those browsers, same thing

You can also see this issue on your own website using the demo of the template


Just also tested it on an Android phone with Chrome, same thing.

This must be a well known issue the template is quite old now.

Best wishes


Hi Nick

Go here is blank and contains no link right now when im checking it: Screenshot by Lightshot

Sorry the link is called click this

If you hover it you’ll see it is going to

when you click the menu just closes


Hey there

Have you had a look at this yet? I’m amazed that there’s nobody else here asking the question about this template because it is 3 years old and the issue is clear on the demo as well on your site.

If you don’t know, could you point me in the right direction to look at the code myself? Or suggest a workaround

I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks so much


Ni Nick

It’s a Js preventing to click on the links, this js is fired for closing menu elements like an accordion, you need to deal with this to make the links to work

Thank you

Could you point me in the direction of which code I need to look at please? I’m happy to make a payment to you for your help.

All the information I have received is greatly appreciated.


Hi there

Is it possible to get some more information about why the menu links don’t work? This happens with the template freshly downloaded, I haven’t made any changes to it other than put a link there in the menu.


Hi Nick

IM sorry, but I’m unable to provide more information, what I can do and what is my responsibility is to report this problem as a bug and in the future updates it will be resolved