Only got 3 posts in line

Hi there

I used help in this forum to center my posts. Thats all done.

But I am still fighting with the problem that I only have 3 posts on one line. Just as shown in your documentation I would like that they kind of mismatch depinding on the size of the pictures. This would result also that my screen is filled with posts, instead of having to big empty spaces on each side.

Can you help me with this? As I said. In your pictures and documentation you display that its possible.

Many thanks

On higher resolution displays you will see more posts like so:

Your website layout is not broken and everything appears correctly. The thing is that there is not enough space for more columns when viewed on your monitor. It needs some 350px pixels to display another column. If you have like 340px left it means that there is still no posts but a huge gap and there is nothing you can do about it. On left aligned layout it is less obvious and looks better.