Only shows "Coming Soon" page

Hello -
My site is only displaying a “Coming Soon” page despite the fact that I have both attempted to disable the plugin, disabling the “coming soon” within the “Customize” option, and even going so far as to completely delete the colorlib coming soon plugin from the entire wordpress directory. Now I see the website in Internet Explorer, but still has the Colorlib Coming Soon page in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Website in question is

Good evening

You have coming soon plugin activated, just deactivate it from WordPress menu > plugins

The plugin isn’t even there anymore, so there is nothing to deactivate. It has messed up my cache, because when I visit Childs' Play – Games & Geekery everything appears as normal. I guess I just have to wait.

Its colorlib coming soon template or cache from your server :slight_smile: